Welcome to the Bridge of the Dune Network -> Free TON Merge

You are here to finally swap your DUN into TON!
The following instructions will guide you through this process.
First thing first, the Merge link in the menu will redirect you through the app that actually does the work.

Status Page

You are landing on the status page that shows you:
  • The progress of the swap
  • How much DUN has already been swapped from your fellow DUN holders.
  • Two buttons:
    • one to make a deposit (swap)
    • the other to see the status of your swaps
    These links are also available on the top menu at any time

Deposit Page

Let's suppose that you are here to make a swap!
You can do as many swap as you want, meaning that you can split your DUN toward different freeton addresses or swap your DUN in several times (if you're a bit timorous about the process).
Be careful though that the minimum DUN amount to perform a swap is 1000đ!
To make a deposit you will need:
  • Access to your DUN account (through Metal or through the dune client)
    If you're using Metal, you can directly connect to it (top right button) and it will fill automatically your dune address.
  • Access to a Freeton account (address and public key).
    If you don't have one, you can create one using extraTON extension (not available on firefox). Be careful to store securely your mnemonic and passphrase!
    Your Freeton address is available on the main screen of extraton:
    To access your public key, you will need to navigate into the top right dropdown and click on the first single cog on the top right of the item list.
    extraton_settings extraton_pk
  • Choose a secret, that will be used to validate your swap
Once all the fields of the form are filled, you are given a choice:
  • If you are not connected to Metal, use the dune client to make the deposit and a ton client to reveal the secret
  • Doing a deposit with Metal with automatic revelation of the secret by the trusted relays
  • Doing a deposit with Metal with a manual revelation of the secret. This revelation needs to be done either with a ton client or on the Swaps page (that we will describe later on) using extraTON.
If you are using one of two last methods (i.e. using Metal), it will trigger a Metal popup showing you the transaction toward the swap contract that you need to accept to continue the process.
Once accepted, you will be forwarded to the Swaps page while your operation is included in the Dune blockchain.

Swaps Page

The Swaps page is showing you the status of all the swaps you did using Metal.
You can find for each:
  • The DUN amount you swapped
  • The TON amount that you will receive (or have received)
  • The status on the Dune blockchain:
    • submitted
      swap order has been submitted on chain
    • confirmed
      swap order has confirmed by 10 blocks (approximatively 10 minutes)
    • can reveal
      swap order is waiting for the secret to be revealed on FreeTON
    • completed
      DUN tokens have been burnt after swap completion
    • expired
      swap order expired on Free TON
    • refund asked
      refund has been asked
    • refunded
      refund has been confirmed
  • The Dunscan link of the operation you sent
  • The status on the FreeTON blockchain:
    • waiting for confirmation
      waiting for confirmation by several relays
    • fully confirmed
      swap was observed and confirmed by enough relays
    • waiting for credit
      waiting to receive tokens for the swap from giver
    • credit denied
      giver has not enough tokens for this swap
    • credited
      tokens are ready for transfer to your account, revelation is possible
    • revealed
      revelation succeeded
    • transferred
      tokens have been transferred to your account, swap successful
    • cancelled
      the swap has been cancelled
  • The link on the TON explorer of your swap contract
  • The date of the expiration of you swap.
    If you had chosen a manual secret revelation, and didn't reveal your secret before this date, you will be able to ask for a refund on the DUNE blockchain
  • The actions you can/need to perform:
    • Reveal Secret
      If you had chosen a manual secret reveal, you can perform it with extraTON by clicking on this button.
    • Refund
      If you had chosen a manual secret reveal and didn't reveal your secret before the expiration, you can get your DUNE back by clicking on this button.

Have a good swap and enjoy your FreeTON!